We’ll tell you the new features of WhatsApp 2019 and new Tips and Tricks.

Let me tell you first that over 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp in a month worldwide. It’s the world’s most popular messaging app. With this app, people stay in touch with friends and family through groups, video or voice chat. That is why there are constantly newer features being introduced in the Android and iOS versions. Therefore we will tell you about the New Features of WhatsApp 2019 in this post.

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This year, there have been many features introduced, out of which the following are the 7 best features.

New Features of WhatsApp 2019 and Tips and Tricks.

Group Invitation System:

In the past few days, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature, which gives them more control over groups. With this trick, you cannot be added to a group without your permission. To use this feature, open the WhatsApp app and click on the three-dot menu on the top right. Then go to the settings menu and select Account. There go to Privacy and then Groups option.

There will be 3 options in front of you.

  • Everyone
  • My contacts
  • My contacts except

Selecting Everyone will mean that, anyone can add you to a WhatsApp group. An option called My Contacts will allow people in your contacts that they add you to any group. Whereas My Contacts Exception allows you to blacklist specific people. That they can add you to different groups.

New Features of WhatsApp 2019
New Features of WhatsApp 2019

Fingerprint Lock:

IOS introduced earlier this year, while Android introduced the feature of the fingerprint sensor lock a few weeks ago. Which aims to provide greater security to the user’s account. No one will have access to the user’s Whatsapp account at this time through this feature. Unless the account holder opens the lock via fingerprint.

To use this feature go to WhatsApp Settings. There, go to Account and then Privacy. At the bottom, you’ll see the Fingerprint Lock option. Click on turn on the Unlock with Fingerprint. The fingerprint will then be confirmed on the Android phone. I think so this is a secure new features of WhatsApp 2019.

Forward Label:

WhatsApp has taken considerable steps over the past year to prevent fraudulent news and rumors. As the limit of forwarded messages was set and this was set to 5. Now in this regard, WhatsApp introduced a new feature this year. So that users can see that, how many times a message has been forwarded.

When the message is forwarded more than 5 times, a new forward icon will also be created on this message. Basically, that user will be able to see how often a message is forwarded, who will forward it to a friend last time. And this range is up to 4 times. After that, 2 arrows will be placed behind the words forwarded to the message. Which means it has been forwarded 5 or more times.

Private Group Reply Message:

This is what happens when a user wants to talk in private to another member of the group while chatting in a group. By the way, it is possible to reply to a group message by long pressing on a specific message. But this is a message that is visible to everyone in the group. But WhatsApp quietly introduced the private reply feature in group chat this year.

Open a group chat on the WhatsApp to try out this feature. And hold press a message for a while. On an Android smartphone, holding down a certain message, the menu will appear at the top of the screen. Now you can select the Private Reply option by clicking on the three dots.

WhatsApp Status Sharing in other Apps:

WhatsApp working on this feature since June this year, and it was introduced in September. After that, users can share WhatsApp status as Facebook Story. In addition, WhatsApp status can be uploaded to a number of other apps, including Instagram, Google Photos.

Make calls with Google Assistant:

On WhatsApp, you can make an audio or video call via Google Assistant from your smartphone. For this purpose, it needs to say:

Google WhatsApp Video “John” (Friend’s Name) or Google WhatsApp Call “John”. Previously, an audio call from Google Assistant was only possible on a network dialer. While video calls could also be made to Google’s own Hangout or Google Duo service.

Mute Anyone Status:

Soon Introducing the Hide Mute Status feature in the WhatsApp, just like Facebook Unfollow setting. Instead of blocking a contact completely, You will be able to hide its status feed. This feature is currently in Beta version.

I hope these all features will helpful for you. If you wanna ask any question about the new features of WhatsApp 2019. You can ask us anything in the comment section. Our team will respond to your comment ASAP.

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