“The smart ball in cricket will change the cricket history”

Kookaburra is an Australian company. Which makes sports equipment. The kookaburra Company has made such a smart ball. Inside is a macro chip embedded. According to Kookaburra, a smart ball can change the history of cricket. As it transfers all the information inside the ball back to a tablet or smartphone via a microchip.

Kookaburra smart ball
Kookaburra smart ball

Smart ball in cricket is a revolution in cricket history:

According to the kookaburra, the smart ball in cricket can change cricket history. With the microchip inside the smart ball, the speed of the ball, the speed at which the ball is turned. And how long does it take for the ball to reach the batsman by the bowler’s hand? The microchip provides information on all these easy-to-connect devices. This will revolutionize cricket.

Kookaburra says players and umpires have never had such a big facilitator before. It will be easier for umpires to make decisions in cricket than ever before. The kookaburra is already serving cricket with a white and pink ball. Hopefully, the smart ball will be used in Tests and Twenty20 matches. There is still plenty of research on smart ball. Hopefully, the smart ball will be introduced in the ICC within a year. Then it will be made part of a league.

Difference between smart ball and normal ball:

Normal ball speed was determined using a tool. But now the smart ball itself is doing the job of a tool. Microchip not only tells the speed of the ball. On the contrary, the smart ball also explains this. How much force the batsman has hit the ball. It will really cricket at an advanced level.

The smart ball price will be 2.6 times higher than the normal ball. Smart ball Cricket will be available for academies and professional cricketers. Kookaburra is experimenting with it right now.

company of kookaburra says:

Now the bowler can increase his abilities. can easily test himself. Which was very difficult before. Not every academy could afford it before. With the advent of the smart ball, it has become much cheaper and easier now. Earlier coaches and umpires used to make decisions with the help of a camera. Which was sometimes very difficult. But with the smart ball in cricket, it will be very easy to make those decisions.

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