The most popular Facebook feature will be removed.

If you are told that you will no longer be able to like any post on Facebook. So how would you feel? Let’s talk in simple words. What do you expect when you post something on Facebook? Of course, more and more likes. But the world’s most popular social networking site has begun considering hiding the number of likes on users’ news feed posts.Yes, Facebook is really considering hiding the most popular Facebook feature like Instagram.

Ever since Facebook was fined $5 billion, Facebook has been making a lot of changes for its users’ security. As you may have noticed, they also changed their homepage tagline in the past few days.

Jane Manchun Wong Said:

App researcher Jane ManChun Wong discovers a code inside Facebook’s Android app, which is designed to hide the number of likes on a Facebook post. Only the post owner will know how many likes are received on his/her post.

Other users will have some reaction emoji and it will be written: “Like Buy Friend and Others”. Facebook has also confirmed that it is considering a test to hide the number of likes, but work has not been started yet.

You can’t deny the fact that the Like button is very important in the popularity of Facebook and without this Facebook feature, this social networking site could be considered incomplete. This feature has been a main part of Facebook for nearly a decade. But in recent years, a study has revealed that this is having a negative impact on consumers’ mental health. And they always worry that their posts should get a fair amount of likes. In fact, most people do not post in fear that they will not get likes or posts are deleted if they do not get more likes.

However, let me tell you, an engineer named Justin Rosenstein created this Facebook feature in 2007. Justin Rosenstein is a famous American software programmer and entrepreneur. But in 2017, he said Facebook likes is a feature that grabs people’s attention. And due to unintentional clicks can have negative consequences. This feature also causes people to compete against each other with likes competitions.

Looking at the same thing, Instagram is also currently testing the feature to hide the number of likes in many countries. It also seems to be quite successful, as it is being extended to other countries. Now if on Facebook, the feature to hide likes is successful, so that would mean, people will create more posts. And they will spend more time on this site, which is also the desire of the company.

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