The invention of Hydrogen-powered Modern Aircraft

Hydrogen-powered modern Aircraft is presented to showcase in American State, California, first in the world. According to the foreign news agency, since this aircraft called Sky and experts have developed a modern style. As you may have heard of the Flying suit, developed by a British company. On this basis, Technology is growing very fast.

Five-seat aircraft is the same as a small vehicle. Aircraft model was exhibited by a private transport company. Due to 6 hydrogen fuel cell batteries, according to the company, this unique plane will be helpful to travel to nearby cities and the cost of oil will be very low.

It is said, because aircraft will be used for Air taxi, Ambulance, and Cargo carriers. But according to experts. Before getting the take-off permission the company will have to overcome many obstacles.

The Hydrogen-powered Modern Aircraft is presented for an exhibition in the American state, California. While It is from the Federal Aviation Administration, after the issuance of a certificate from the year 2021, the market will be brought

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