The British company has developed a Flying suit

After making the world a Global Village, the next destination of the Human is that they fly in the winds. So that they feel that’s how birds feel in the air. As you know, human reached the moon but humans now ready to fly in the sky. The British company has developed a Flying suit, which can blow you in the air. Even that human has had a successful experiment about, The invention of Hydrogen-powered Modern Aircraft.

Humans blowing in the air like birds. This suit has developed a Gravity Industry, those who claim this jet suit can fly at 89 km per hour. After wearing this suit in London, the flight was performed again.

Some experts, including the founder of the firm, made it flying off the jet suit practically demonstrated. People who looked surprised and happy.

The regular launching of the jet suit will be done in the coming year earlier. Until then, it will be improved. This suit can also be used for the military, which will facilitate the detection of enemy targets.

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