Google’s most popular application, now closer to becoming a Message App.

As you know, Various messaging applications developed over the years by Google. And Google had to close these apps on failure. But now the company is introducing a new messaging service. But this time one of its most popular applications is shaping up as a Message App. And this famous application is called “Google Photos”.

Google has announced that users using this app will now be able to send images to each other in a chat Messenger App. All of this will be done while in the Google Photos app or website. This message app will allow users to share their photos or videos with other people quickly and easily. No need to create a shared album for this purpose.

This feature will be very easy to use just like all the other Google features. Just select an image and click on the share button. After that, there will be a new option “Send in Google Photos”. Clicking on it will show the contact icons or search by known, phone number or email.

Group chat will also be done through this feature. For which the new group will have to be selected and you can add people to it.

Once you chat with someone you need to go back to the Sharing tab to talk to this user again. While there you’ll also be able to see the photos and videos you’ve previously shared. Comments, text chats, and likes will also be there.

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Google says the direct sharing option is not a substitute for priority messaging apps in the eyes of users. Google had a similar experience in the YouTube app in the form of live video sharing and messaging. But later this feature was removed.

It was also previously, Stories feature introduced by Google for the Photos app, called “Memories”. Which was very similar to Instagram. And you may have seen this feature used on Facebook a lot. May possible, You might also like to use this feature.

As you know in this feature, users will be able to view old photos and videos. Thanks to all these social features, Google hopes to make more revenue-generating sources through Google Photos, one of its most popular apps.

What’s the features of Google Photos:

Let me tell you that the number of users using Google Photos is over one billion. It’s a Google product that offers 15 GB of memory for its users. Google Photos memory is separate from the mobile phone and allows users to save their photos or videos in it. The user who stores these photos or videos can access from any device via his / her Gmail ID.

But a large number of Google users do not use Google Photos. Because they’re afraid of leaking their private photos and videos from Google Photos. But Google guarantees that their top priority is to protect their users’ data. So if you’re a Google Photos user, you don’t need to worry too much. And soon you’ll see this Google app turning into a Message app.

So I would suggest that you start using this app if you are not a “Google Photos” user.

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