Good news for them. who are tired of slow Wi-Fi speed. Introducing the new and faster version of WiFi.

The Wi-Fi Alliance announced on 16 September 2019, that they got started companies to give WiFi 6 certification. This is definitely good news for those who are worried about Wi-Fi speed.

What is Wi-Fi 6:

WiFi 6 is a new era of Wi-fi connectivity and new version of the same WiFi that you have been using for years. But it’s a faster and more useful version. Like the mobile Internet that went from 3G to 4G and now the 5G era is going start.

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WiFi technology has gradually improved over the years. Since nowadays 4K films are streamed. On the whole, Mostly video games run on the Internet. So the improvement in Wi-Fi is no surprise. The important thing is that WiFi 6 will provide users with a very fast Internet connection. According to a famous website that reviews new technology, When they did the WiFi speed test, it came out this new version is one thousand percent faster than the average download Wi-Fi speed in the United States. That is, HD movies can download in seconds or minutes.

While crowded areas, such as places where multiple devices are connected to one Wi-Fi network. Even there, Wi-Fi 6 will perform better. In fact, currently, Wi-Fi 6 can not work on existing devices. Because Wi-Fi 6 is still in the early stages and devices will take care of the standard set for Wi-Fi 6. Companies working on it such as Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy Note 10 and iPhone 11 have Wi-Fi 6 standard support.

Wi-Fi 6 Security:

Wi-Fi 6 provides the latest generation of Wi-Fi security. Because often you’ve heard that Wi-Fi gets hacked easily and many people like to use free Wi-Fi. That’s why security is being improved to prevent Wifi connection from being stolen and hacked.

As we told you above, download speeds will be faster than 1000 Mbps in Wi-Fi 6. But most home networks do not support such speed at this time. That is, if you buy a Wi-Fi 6 device but the home internet package only works at 200 Mbps. So this will be something like the 5G phone used on the 4G network. That will work and there will be no disappointment, but it will not be much different from past experience. Indeed, the full spread of Wi-Fi 6 will take some time now. Because it requires infrastructure.

But I would like to add that the world of the internet is moving fast.

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