Giveaway for Graphic Designers and those who want to be a Graphic Designer.

Congratulations to the Contest Winners.

We are happy to give the DesigCap Premium Plus accounts to our audience, with the cooperation of DesignCap.

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In the 21st century, 1.2 billion people are making money online. However, According to Wikipedia, there are 7.7 billion people in the world. According to research, the number of people making money online is gradually increasing. Because people like to be their own employees rather than being someone else’s employee.

This is why people give more priority to their online business. I read a book by Bill Gates. Which he wrote in 1999. In which he wrote that,

After 2005, a person whose business will not be connected to the Internet. It will be very difficult for him to succeed in this world.

And that has been proven to be very true. That’s why people start businesses online. Because their business success rate is much higher than those whose business is not connected to the internet. We have already mentioned many ways to make money online in this blog. If you haven’t read this article, you can read it by clicking on the link below.

Top 3 Easy Ways to Make Money Online without Investment.

In today’s era, people are making the most money online from Freelancing. Because if you have good expertise in any niche, such as Graphic Designing, Web Designing, SEO (search engine optimization), etc. So you can make good money with Freelancing. As many of my friends are making millions of dollars from this work. One of the biggest benefits of Freelancing is this, you don’t have to go anywhere else to work. You can easily do your work at home. All it needs is a laptop and an internet connection.

The Giveaway for Graphic Designers that we are going to give,

It’s going to be very beneficial for Graphic Designers and Web Designers. Because I have a lot of experience in both of these skills. That’s why I know how easy and useful this Giveaway for Graphic Designers and Web designers. Do you think this Giveaway for graphic designers only? Not at all, I didn’t say anything like that. This is a tool that will be very useful for those who want to be a Graphic Designer. And with this tool, you can easily get started working on Freelancing.

Now we come to this tool. This is a Graphic Design Program. This software was created by Pearl Mountain Limited. This Graphic Design software is named DesignCap. Their aim is to make professional image editing and graphic design capabilities accessible to everyone. They have also introduced a very famous product called FotoJet. FotoJet users are spread across more than 100 countries. But according to my analysis, this DesignCap Software is gaining more popularity than Fotojet.

I’ve also been using various Graphic Design programs. Now I’ve used the DesignCap Premium Account. I have noticed a lot of differences and more creativity in this software than other graphic design programs. In my opinion, the DesignCap program is more user-friendly and more helpful for those people who are new in Graphic Designing. Even if you are a novice to the design, you can make professional design without difficulty.

But if you are a professional designer and you face some difficulties during graphic designing. So this software is made just for you. Because, with this tool, you can accelerate your creative process to create amazing graphic designs for your business, event, social media and website.

The good news for you is that we will choose to give DesignCap Premium Plus account for 5 people in this Giveaway.

Let me tell you, with this DesignCap Premium Plus account you can do everything in Graphic Designing. But there is also a Free Account of the DesignCap. In which you can use limited things. But what do you do with a free account when you can win a Premium Plus account? Are you agree with me.

I mean to say that there are countless templates in this DesignCap account. With this DesignCap account, you can save your time and money too. The reason is that you can create designs that stand out from the crowd in minutes at no cost.

If you have no skill, so don’t worry about that because everyone can design like a pro without a steep learning curve. As well as, simple yet powerful editing tools enable you to customize your design as the way you want.

Giveaway for Graphic Designers
Giveaway for Graphic Designers

DesignCap for Marketing and Event:

With this premium account, you can create a great design for yourself and your marketing clients. You can easily create Infographics, Posters, Flyers, Invitations, Business Cards, Brochures, Facebook Ads, Menu and Logo for Marketing and Events with this tool.

Social Media Graphic:

With this DesignCap software, you can create graphics not only for Marketing and Events. However, you can create graphics for Social Media with this tool. Using this software, you can easily create YouTube channel art, YouTube thumbnail, Facebook cover, Twitter header, Tumblr banner, email header, Facebook post, Instagram post, and Pinterest graphic.

In addition, with this DesignCap Premium Plus account, you can accomplish that as far as your thinking can go. I know your level of excitement is constantly increasing. May possible, that you win this Premium Plus account for 6 Months.

How you can win this contest and how to get this Giveaway.

If anyone wants to win this competition, so they just have to complete these simple tasks.

Time needed: 2 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes.

Complete these 4 easy tasks in the time provided.

  1. Signup the DesignCap (Graphic Designing Software)

  2. Signup the Blog4scope

  3. Share this Giveaway contest in your 3 Social Media networks example(Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…. etc)

  4. After complete first 3 steps comment below this post (Done)

When you have completed these four Easy Tasks you can leave a comment “Done” in the comments section below. Our entire team will review all users whether they have honestly completed their work or not.

According to Eastern Standard Time, after 3 days, at 3 am we will announce the names of the 5 lucky winners. They will receive a DesignCap Premium Account for 6 months.

So Hurry Up Join this contest and increase your chances of winning by sharing as much as you can. Let me ask you again, Do you think this Giveaway for graphic designers only? The sweet and simple answer is NO. This is a tool that will be very useful for everyone.

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