Face scan will mandatory to buy a new mobile phone and SIM card.

You will be surprised to hear that, customers will need to do a Face Scan to purchase a new mobile phone or SIM card. Yes, you heard it right. A new policy has been introduced in China that will require consumers to scan the face for a new mobile phone or SIM card purchase.

According to the British news agency, the ban has been in effect since December 1st. And now any citizen will also be required to submit a face scan to identify himself/her with an identity card. After that, they will be able to buy a new mobile or cellular data connection. Let me tell you that China is constantly working to bring technology expertise to the forefront of the world.

A few years ago, a telescope was introduced by China. After that, anything from thousands of miles away can be easily seen.

Due to technology, China is innovating around the world to overtake its rival America. Let me remind you that earlier this year there was a war between Huawei and the iPhone. Which we have written about in detail. If you want to read about this war so you can click the link below.

What is Huawei War iPhone

It is Huawei building
It is a Huawei building

The British news agency says face scan technology will reduce the chances of fraud. However, it has also been heard that it will be easier for the government to track people through this technology. It should be noted that the law introduced by China was announced in September. And now the law has begun to be implemented. According to the Chinese government, they want to protect the legal rights, interests of citizens in the online world.

Let me tell you, already facial recognition technology is being used by China for population surveys. However, they have not yet clarified for what purpose this data will be used after confirming the face scan. But it is likely that it will be made part of other data.

Usually, in China, you need to submit an ID card or passport to register a SIM card. But now your face will be scanned to confirm compatibility with the ID card. China has been applying such laws for many years. Its purpose is to ensure that every user on the Internet uses every feature with a genuine identity.

CCTV Cameras in China:

In 2017 new rules were enacted requiring authentication of the user’s original identity before online content on Internet platforms. In 2017, 170 million CCTV cameras were installed nationwide. China plans to increase the number to 400 million by 2020.

In addition, a new social credit system for citizens was introduced in China. The purpose was to determine the good or the bad at the state level, taking into account the attitudes. The introduction of the social credit system was announced in 2014. According to the documents, its purpose is to make the citizens trust, while breaking the trust is against dignity.

The program will be fully implemented in 2020 but the program is still being tested on millions. At present some parts of the program are being finalized by city councils and others through private technology-containing private data platforms. Next year the ranking of each citizen will be determined by compiling a large national database according to face and government details.

Last year in China, there were Sunglasses equipped with Face Recognition Technology. Whose purpose was to arrest the criminal elements. These glasses were successfully tested at various railway stations. And with their help, criminals were identified by scanning the faces of thousands of passengers. As I told you in the post above, China is working day and night to get ahead in the race for technology.

The latest technology they are inventing will definitely be at the forefront

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