Does the Highest Megapixel Camera guarantee better photos?

In today’s life, no human life is complete without a camera. Because everyone wants to capture the beautiful moments of their lives in the camera’s eye. So that they can refresh their memories by seeing those same moments all their lives. Nokia stunned people in 2012 with a 41-megapixel in 808 PureView mobile phone. It was the highest megapixel camera at that time.

But since then, the battle for more megapixel cameras has been started to attract people to Android smartphones. Phones now equipped with 48 and 64-megapixel cameras are becoming more common. Like Xiaomi and Realme have introduced 64-megapixel mobile phones. While phones with 48-megapixel cameras have been introduced so far by many companies this year.

But we tell you the difference between a 48-megapixel and a 64-megapixel.

Highest Megapixel Camera lenses
It is Highest Megapixel Camera lenses different companies

Do you think you can take better pictures with the highest megapixel camera?

Certainly a 48 or 64-megapixel is a good development. But that doesn’t mean it will make a good picture. Megapixel is not a camera or a photo-quality measure. In fact, a 2,000-megapixel camera can even take useless pictures. In fact, the highest megapixels mean that the camera’s sensor can collect more scene details. But this is not the best quality guarantee.

The presence of more pixels in the camera sensor means that the pixels in the scene will be smaller. But the volume of the smartphone body and the camera sensor inside it can affect image quality. If we talk about the smartphone body, now such a mobile has been launched, which has 180 percent screen to body ratio. And the world’s largest megapixel camera is also on the same mobile phone.

We wrote an article on this you can see it click in this link below:

Introduces the world’s first 180 percent screen to body ratio and 108-Megapixel Camera

In addition, the Samsung company has also installed a 108-megapixel camera in its next flagship smartphone.

Rob Layton teaches mobile journalism and smartphone photography at Bond University, Australia. He points out that when there is a competition between megapixel numbers and image quality, then the image quality matters more to the number of megapixels. The old marketing technique has made this idea a reality, If the smartphone has the highest megapixel camera, the picture quality would be even better. But this is not always true, Rather it has to look at several moments. Such as sensor size, machine learning, and neural network image processing, etc.

Rob Layton said,

These elements are more important in the present era, Larger sensors provide more quality images than these sensors.

Those that have more megapixels are not capable of absorbing more light.

If we tell you in simple words, he means that the quality of an image depends on how much light its sensor is able to absorb. Larger sensors also have larger pixels and are more capable of absorbing light. Which gives the best image quality. This is why most Google, Samsung or Apple phones have 12-megapixel camera quality much better than high-megapixel camera mobile phones.

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