Can Pakistan team reach the Semifinal?

Being a Pakistani the real problem is this, Pakistan team reach the Semifinal? Which the top four teams qualifying for the Semi-final. If you don’t know about that, So stay with us we tell you.

Cricket World Cup Trophy 2019
Pakistan team reach the Semifinal?

I know all the Pakistani people are thinking at this time, that how to Pakistan team qualify for the Semifinal. If I express my opinion, so according to me Pakistan team is caught in such a game, whose name is, If or But. I mean that, If the England team loses its next match, which is to play with Srilanka.

If Sri Lanka will win this match with a big margin from England and if Afghanistan beat the team India. Then the run rate of both teams will fall down. After that, there is a chance, that Pakistan team reach the Semifinal. But it is also necessary for that Pakistan will have to win all their matches with the heavy run rate.

ICC World Cup Table

TeamPlayedWonLostTiedNo ResultsRun RatePoints
New Zealand540011.5919
Sri Lanka51202-1.7784
West Indies513010.2723
South Africa61401-0.1933

Last update 20th June 2019 at 22:00

Top run-scorers at Cricket World Cup 2019:

David Warner is the top run-scorer in Cricket World Cup and his score is 447 after played 6 matches. The second one is Shakib Al Hasan. He played 6 matches in World Cup and he made 425 runs. The third one is Aaron Finch. He made 396 runs for his team in 6 matches. Joe Root comes in fourth and he collects 387 runs after played 5 matches in the CWC19. And at the fifth number is Rohit Sharma, who made 319 runs in World Cup matches.

Leading wicket-takers at Cricket World Cup 2019:

Mitchell Starc is the highest wicket-taker bowler, Who has taken 14 wickets in the World Cup so far. The second is Muhammad Amir, who took 13 wickets for his team. It would not be wrong to say that Muhammad Amir worked hard for his team. If all Pakistan players work hard, Pakistan team will reach the Semifinal.

Jofra Archer, who play from England. He took 12 Wickets. But he won many matches for his team, due to his bowling pace. Lockie Ferguson comes in fourth and he has hit 11 players in the CWC2019. And the last one is Pat Cummins, who took 11 wickets after played 6 matches.

And finally, friends I would like to tell you. if Pakistan team players, played with unity so Insha Allah they will win their all matches and Pakistan team reach the Semifinal. If you enjoyed this post, I’d be very grateful if you’d help it spread by emailing it to a friend or sharing it on Twitter or Facebook. Thank you!

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