Apple’s office, which will also be safe in dangerous natural disasters

Leading Technology company, Apple’s office known as Apple Park Campus. A masterpiece of sophisticated technology. However one of its features is also that this office will be fully protected from natural disasters, especially during Earthquakes. Apple’s office in the US state of California was built at a cost of $5 billion. You would know must about Apple company owner “Steve Jobs”. There is no doubt about that, he did whatever he wanted in his life.

Although, some of the Huawei and Apple company war have been going on in the past few months. Which led to a significant drop in sales of the Apple company. Because all the Chinese people quite using Apple mobile phones. But Steve Jobs still did not panic and faced a difficult time.

Apple's Office image with sun shine
Apple’s Office image with sunshine

For your kind information, the Apple Park Campus was not actually built directly on the ground floor. In fact, the magnificent building is located on 700 large round plates made of stainless steel. Experts say that In the event of an earthquake, these saucer plates will lift the building up to 4 feet. According to Apple’s chief design officer, Jonathan Ive, Earthquake prevention measures were an important part of the building.

Jonathan Ive told private news channel during the interview, the idea of such a building was always in the mind of Apple founder Steve Jobs. He was deeply impressed with the “Base Isolation” technique used in construction in Japan, which was not common in America at that time. According to the builders, In the “Base Isolation” technique, heavy support was provided between the building and its base, which temporarily separates the building from the ground during the earthquake. Even in Apple’s new building, this style will present an innovative form of constructions.

Beautiful View of Apple’s office:

You will be surprised to know that, the area of this office is 175 acres and Apple’s 12,000 employees can work here. In this circular office, there are several buildings and parks. The office also has a theater, known as Steve Jobs. Along with the theater, there are fitness centers, parks, and running tracks for exercise. The roof of the building is covered with solar panels, making the building self-sufficient to generate electricity for its use.

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