According to Science, what would happen to you if a Whale Fish swallowed you up?

You must have heard and seen in movies, Sea divers often encounter whale shark and whale fish. It never happens that a marine animal swallow a human, and that person will come back alive from the mouth of this marine animal. Not in movies and not in real life. Shark fish, a symbol of fear in the sea, tear humans apart. But on the contrary, the whale fish has no such interest, and not aggressive. Instead of attacking, it just opens its mouth. Due to which many animals are drawn inside its mouth.

Whale Fish size:

The whale is much larger than humans and can easily swallow many humans at once. The blue whale is considered the largest animal in the world. Blue whales are generally 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30 meters) long. The tallest whale fish record ever was 108 feet long. Only the weight of the blue whale’s tongue is equal to the elephant’s. According to research, these giants weigh usually up to 200 tonnes or around 441,000 pounds. The blue whale’s heart is so big that you will be surprised to hear it is about 5 feet tall, 4 feet wide, and weighs 400 pounds.

Whale Fish with Human on the shore of the Sea
Whale Fish with Human on the shore of the Sea

However, the Blue Whales physical system does not allow them to swallow such a large human. However, the other whales of its family such as sperm whales and whale shark can easily tear and swallow a human. Here you can be discovered many factors about Blue Whale.

Some reports came out in 1981, the whale swallowed a man named James Burtle, who traveled by sea. James’ boat was attacked by a whale and swallowed it. The next day the other crew killed the whale. They pulled the fish and brought it to the ground and when they tear its stomach, James was found unconscious but alive inside. James’s face and arms turned white due to the acid in the stomach of the whale. Even, he was blind.

After some time, people began to question whether James was really swallowed by the whale. If he was really swallowed, so they thought the acid in the whale could do more harm to James.

About what science says?

Let us tell you how detailed science has answered this question in modern times. Suppose a whale fish swallowed an alive human, first, it will encounter the dangerous teeth of the whale. In fact, the teeth in the mouth of the sperm whale are very sharp and each tooth is 20 cm long. This tooth looks like a sharp knife used by a chef. There are 40 to 50 teeth in the mouth of the whale. If the whale has swallowed any person, these teeth cut into pieces everything

Let Suppose, a lucky person escaped from these teeth and slipped into the throat of a whale. It will be dark here and it will be very difficult to breathe due to lack of oxygen and high quantity of methane. After that, the saliva in the mouth of the whale will push the man down. Due to the hydrochloric acid now there place, this person will feel his skin melt. Then this person will fall into the whale’s first and largest gastrointestinal tract. Here he will see small marine animals from which light erupts and the whale eats them very fondly.

Whenever an item arrives in the stomach, these animals come to see it, whether they can eat it or not. After that, the fluid in the gastrointestinal tract will push human into the second, and then the third gastrointestinal tract. During that time the acid would have melted all over his skin and only the bones would remain. At any given moment, the whale will drain its waste from the body.

All this research has shown that no one can remain in this state after the swallowed by Whale Fish, to come back and tell the stories of his journey. Even James, who made such claims, science also called him a liar. Fortunately, whale fishes have no interest in swallowing humans. However, nothing can be said about the whale shark. If you ever agree to go underwater, stay away from whales and the pressure of the water pushes you into his open mouth.

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