40 years later, why are Iranian women allowed to watch matches at the stadium? Is this the FIFA World Cup pressure?

As you know the Iranian state does not allow women to go to the stadium and watch any match Live. Because now they are closer to Islam than other Muslim countries. Therefore, they believe that it is not legitimate for women to watch football matches. Because in Football matches players wear very short clothing. Which is why they don’t allow women to watch matches. But we tell you the reason why they suddenly changed their decision. Following the warning by the FIFA World Cup, Iranian authorities allowed women to go to the stadium forty years later to watch the football match.

According to our sources, FIFA warned Iran last month that Iran’s membership would be terminated if women were not given access to the stadium. Because the FIFA World Cup is the most-watched football event in the world. According to research, after football matches, cricket is one of the sports most viewed and loved in the world. Another thing has emerged is, the players and coaches associated with this sport are making great money. We have also written an article about this,

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According to the foreign news agency, the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifier matches to be played between Iran and Cambodia. And he added that the match is being played at the Azadi Stadium in Tehran, the Iranian capital.

Iranian women ready to watch a FIFA World Cup Match
Iranian women ready to watch a FIFA World Cup Match

While Iranian media say, ticket sales have also increased since the announcement. You would be surprised to know that, All the first stage tickets went on sale within an hour. In view of the demand of the citizens, the seats have been increased further. According to a local journalist, Iranian women have bought 3500 tickets so far.

While many women are traveling from remote areas to get tickets from relevant places. When Iranian women were asked about their impressions, they said that we did not believe that, women could go to the stadium easily and watch a FIFA World Cup football match. And they said that till now we used to hear commentary on TV or radio. Let me tell you after the women are allowed to watch matches at the stadium, the women’s security authorities will also perform their duties in the stadium.

Following the announcement, there has been intense criticism by religious circles in Iran. Because they also believe that In football matches, players wear short clothing that is not allowed for women to see.

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